A Journey Begins

Wow, my first entry into my very first blog. How exciting. Now what to write?? (this will probably be a longer entry!)

Hi I’m Tina, mom of 3, wife of 1. I live in Logan Utah, though I’m a transplant from Twin Falls Idaho. While it is technically ‘just up the road a bit’ the culture and area here is very much different.

I like alot of crafts. Quilting, Knitting, Crocheting, Looming. I enjoy reading novels, and christian non-fiction. My family tends to watch the Sci-fi channels and the DIY channels on TV. I also have an addiction to online-computer games like Everquest that take up the rest of my time. (ALot of my distant friends and family play it so it’s a great way to stay in communication with them through out the week)

I have 3 children. My oldest is Deonna She’ll turn 10 in November and will be heading into 4th grade. She’s a fun girl, although I can already see the ‘teenage’ monster coming. Pray for me! lol

Michael my son, will be 8 in September. He’s heading into 2nd grade and has already told me he knows everything a 2nd grader needs to know and will be very bored in school. I don’t doubt it. But I know his teacher will keep him busy.

Danielle is my baby girl
, though she’s 3 now. She’s still learning to communicate with real words, but she’s very expressive in other ways. When she does talk it’s mostly He hit me, Go away, Where my blankie and Kissies She’s shown me how fun being a mom really can be though. Glad God gave her to us.

Then there’s my hubby. Jonathan. He’s at work right now at the college. He does fancy scientific stuff. It boils down to that he’s a map maker. He’s working in a NASA project dealing with a database that involves alot of the western states. He looses me a bit after that.

Today is our 11th anniversary. It sure doesn’t feel like 11 years. It could not have gone so fast. It’s been a good journey though. I joke with him that now we can really get started in this marriage thing, since the trial period just ended. He gives me weird looks when I say that.

As for what else is going on in my life, I went to Knitter’s Night last night and got to see Isela and all the other funny Knitters. I picked up some Wool and I’m gonna try (try being the big word there) to felt my first project. I didn’t get much work done on the slipper socks I brought. I’m going to make them for my dearest sister-friend Cathie, if the wool will stop talking to me.


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