Saturday – Controlled Chaos

Here I am today surviving another Saturday. Thankfully it’s not as hot in the valley as it has been these past few months.

With the upcoming family reunion on the horizon, we had a few extra errands to run this Saturday morning. We decided 4 of the 5 of us needed haircuts. Snip Snip
I still can’t believe I would ever go into a hair place and tell them, last time you cut my hair to long, let’s go shorter this time! I think once you go short, you may never get to go back to long hair.

Deonna got a cute little feathered hair cut down the sides. This is mostly due to the fact that she likes to chew her hair on that right side and had already pre-feathered it for us. Wonder if I could have got a discount since she had done half the cutting for us with her sharp teeth. Still looking of ways to break her of that habit! Mike got his customary buzz cut and Dani got a cute little bob. Of course they oowed and aahhed over their red heads. I’ll post pictures soon.

Started my First Felted Knitted Loomed bag last night.
I’m using the Rowan Bag Flat Knit ordered through Isela I’m doing it in 2 purples. I, of course, had to frog it after I had done about 25 rows because I found a mistake that kept getting bigger and bigger looking as I kept looming. I also modified the pattern to work on a Green Knifty Knitter. I hope that will work out.


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