Need More Yarn

Well, it’s done. Purple Passion felted up this morning. Being my first ever felted project, I think it will turn out okay. I see what I did wrong, and I probably could have felted it longer, and so now will know in the future.

Here is the bag before I felted it.

I’m not real sure I sewed it up right, especially the bottom, but it kinda looks like a bag.

Here it is drying, upside down after I felted it.

I got a mess of water in my laundry room now I need to go clean up, but it was pretty fun. It shrunk alot more than I thought it would so it won’t be big enough for a Bible bag (not my normal take to church one anyway) I think I like it, but I’m gonna wait until it’s completely dry. I’m trying not to see the mistakes, but at least I know now what to do and what not to do.

Which means! I need…more…yarn… now…..


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