Something Gross

I found something gross today, one of those things you only find once in a while, something that makes you go “eww” and want to run from the room as fast as possible. What is it you asked? “Canned Salmon” It looked like they took the fish, and added some kind of slime, shoved into the can, shook it up real well and slapped a label on it. Why didn’t it look like tuna. Tuna’s a fish and it looks nice and flakey and something you can eat. But not canned salmon. So instead of Salmon
Carbonara for dinner we had Chicken Carbonara. You can see pictures on it at our Dinner Blog

Did a good day today, trying to do Fly lady. I cleaned out my closet and dresser. I did a load of laundry, load of dishes, shined my sink and even cleaned one of the mirrors. Tomorrow might be the bookcase in the Master Bedroom, or something in the Main bathroom. Not sure.

Frogged my Prayer shawl again after emailing Isela. It just wasn’t making me happy and I try very hard in life not to do things that don’t make me happy. Life is to short to be unhappy! Going to start it again using a basic garter stitch.

Thursday I go to the doctors so he can tell me what I already know. “we don’t know what it was you felt, but just let us know if it happened again” Got the ER bill today, and if that isn’t enough to send you to the ER again I don’t know what is! lol. Kinda ironic to go to the ER for heart problems, and then need to go again when you get the bill. Such is my life!


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