Blissful Ignorance

Sitting here, before lunch, thinking about my upcoming doctors appointment and realizing that sometimes, ignorance really isn’t bliss. Sometimes it sends you into a state of panic. I’m not sure what the doctor is going to say, if any more tests are going to be done on my heart, or if he’s just gonna tell me it’s all in my head. I would really like to know if my heart is healthy, and then maybe we can rule out the other stuff. But overall I think not knowing the state of my heart health is what is making me the most worried.

Insurance denied my ER visit claim. I’m hoping that’s just temporary and they just need additional information about my visit. Because $1000 ER visit bill is really going to make life interesting if we have to pay that. No wonder people are almost dead before they go to ER’s anymore.

On plan E of the prayer shawl. This time it wasn’t my fault. I bought 3 skeins of yarn, made sure the tags had the same name, color and dye lot, but the one I started with was radically different than the other 2. They had oranges and blues mixed in, and this one, when I wound it up only had red and greens. So, once again I had to Frog it and start over. Now I’m doing a 3 color pattern, and I refuse to Frog it. I just need to keep my 3 year old away from it. She keeps trying to count the
pegs and move the yarn and I’m afraid she’s going to yank the yarn off the peg. Not sure I could bear starting again! lol


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