Daily Life

Busy saturday, but nothing out of the ordinary. Dani woke us up this morning with a very clear, “Daddy wake up, wake up, I need breakfast” She has a very cute voice when she uses it.

Did 16 rows on my new Lace scarf. It’s kinda lacy, has alot of skpo’s and k2togs. It’s not quite Branching Out,
but it’s a start. I am doing branching out using a metallic yarn I found in my stash, but it’s probably not the best for the pattern. But I’m doing it to get me needle knitting more, and I really do enjoy it once I get going. I still, while alone in my home, hold the needles wrong, but I think I could do it right, if I went to Knitter’s Night. I’d just do it alot slower. Sticking one needle between my knees makes me go about 85 percent faster lol.

We went food shopping and got almost all the food for the month in one shopping trip. It really helps to have menus! This week menus will include — Chicken Parmesan, Asian Beef and Broccoli, Black Bean Soup, Chinese Chicken, Beer-Braised Pork Chops. Want to come to dinner?

Hubbies in the bedroom starting his new Adult Sunday school lesson. We are starting Romans. How exciting. It’s always been one of my favorite books.

Daily Charity link: This one came over one of my email lists. While I haven’t contributed to this charity yet, it seems promising, not only for Katrina relief but overall donations. I can have an excuse to loom baby hats again.




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