Did you poke me in the eye?

My eye hurts. Oddly enough it’s the one that my husband always gets infected, except this time it’s me. I’m not sure if it’s really infected though. It’s just a bit dry and red. I hope it calms down a bit more before Knitters Night, I’d hate to scare them away with a flaming red eye.

Yesterday was such a mad house. We were all a bunch of grumpy bums at home. Each of us were really on the edge. I think it’s because of the messed up week. It’s not the day it feels like, nothing is how it should be. Maybe today will go better. Maybe not. Either way, I’m not going to be home to see lol.
rainbowwool.jpgWhat’s this crazy yarn you ask? It’s 100% virgin wool and is destined to become a purse. S More and more as I look at the pattern I could have loomed it, but I wanted to try something easy on some big needles.

I have my shopping list for tonight, though I doubt I’ll get to buy everything on it. I need:

  • Sock yarn,
  • DPN’s Size 2 – 5 (one set at least)
  • Size 7 and 11 knitting needles,
  • Some (lots and lots?) lace weight yarn…
  • Oh and some cable stitch holders.

Considering I shouldn’t spend anything I’m not sure how much of that I’ll get.

My boy turns 8 in a week! Wow. I better start thinking about birthday plans. Don’t think he’d like a rainbow colored felted purse….


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One response to “Did you poke me in the eye?

  1. LOL, nope, I don’t think he would like a purse for a present, lol. See u tonite ;).

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