Uhoh I’ve been tagged

Isela tagged me for my first meme (not sure what a meme is but I’ve been tagged, wait not even sure what being tagged means, but I think I’m suppose to answer all these questions……..)

10 Years Ago: I had just finished celebrating my first wedding anniversary. I was also 7 months pregnant with my oldest daughter. I was going through some tough times, both emotionally and spiritually and making alot of life changing choices. I was living in Twin Falls Idaho, working for the post office doing Remote Encoding. Jonathan my husband also worked there. It would be almost 9 months before the Internet entered our lives

5 Years ago: Wow, hmm it was a year before 911 and the loss of our baby, and the conception of baby number 3 (that’s a story in itself), so I’m not really sure what I was doing. We live where we do now in Logan, and it was our second summer here. Jonathan was attending college and just starting his 2nd year at USU. I had just returned from a trip in June to Vegas to meet up with some quilting friends and to meet my Sister/Friend Cathie for the first time. I was selling alot of quilt related items on Ebay.

1 Year ago: I would have been getting my son ready for Kindergarten and sending my daughter off to 2nd grade. Dani would have been 2, and I would have been waiting for my sister in law to have her baby. I hadn’t re-discovered yarn yet, I think I was working on cross stitch kits. Jon was settling down into his new job at the Remote Sensing Lab on campus, and learning they wanted to hire him at least for another year.

Favorite Snacks: 2 chocolate chip cookies, Cheetos, chicken nuggets, Dr. Pepper, and I’ve tried really hard lately not to have any of those and settle for a nightly bowl of oatmeal….

5 Songs I know the words too:
Eek I don’t listen to much music anymore. I really don’t. Though most music that played alot from the late 80’s and early 90’s that I hear on the radio I could probably sing along to. And christian worship music like the kind we have in church. I know some church songs like “Lord I lift your name on High” by heart…. Hmm does Happy Birthday count? Should I mention that I used to have over 5000 pictures of NKOTB up in my room (blush)

5 Things I would do with $100 Million dollars: Pay off all my debts (with the $500 left I would then…sigh) Buy a house, a nice new van, and put away a bunch of money for my kids education. Take a vacation with just me and the husband to somewhere special (I’m still waiting for my honeymoon) I also donate a bunch to my church for the youth who do mission trips through out the summer. Is that 5? After that I’d be pretty selfish probably and buy me and my friends and my family lots of stuff we really don’t need.

Five places I would run away to: I know this sounds kinda cheesy but anywhere with my husband is where I want to be. But if it’s somewhere I can run away with him too? Vegas, the Holy Land, England, Honduras, New England (not in that order)

Five things I would never wear: A bikini, a nose ring, High heels (lol yeah right), thongs, flannel pj’s

Five Favorite TV Shows: Stargate, Stargate Atlantas, Ghost Hunters, Trading Spaces and Clean Sweep

Five Biggest Joys: I find great joy in worshiping the Lord through praise and music (even if I can’t sing) and just knowing He knows me, and I know Him. Picking Danielle up and holding her like I did when she was a baby and having her look at me like she did when she was a baby even thought she’s 3. Having Jonathan give me his look, and melting like I did when we were first dating. Hearing my children, talk, and play and exist together and knowing they are going to be okay, and for those that play Everquest, I get some weird kind of joy out of seeing my character get better at anything (143) ….

Five Favorite Toys: My computer, Everquest, My husbands GPS, my looms/needles/yarn, my television

Five people to pass this one to: Tag you’re it:

Cathie — My bestest friend who is almost a sister, even if she’s a brat. She’s new to looming and blogging and probably will detest the fact that I tagged her and has been reading this hoping I hadn’t. SO of course she’s It!

Jonathan — My husband, who really should blog more, but I don’t even think he reads my blogs. (sniff)

Tina and Rita — at Yarntoday. See them every thursday and get to learn new things about them is fun.

Miriam — She lives in my town, and I think Isela knows her but I haven’t had the chance to meet her. I really enjoy reading her blog. She frogs, and I just have a soft spot for froggers.

Shelley I read her blog when it pops up on Bloglines. Wouldn’t mind to know more about her.



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3 responses to “Uhoh I’ve been tagged

  1. hehehe, I was going to put the Thongs too, hehehe. Thanks for being a good sport about the meme, I don’t know what meme means either. Miriam makes it sometimes to Knitter’s Nite-she is way cool and a super-duper-awesome knitter.
    Later :).

  2. Hello! I didn’t even know you’d tagged me until I was looking through my stats at referrers and saw an unfamiliar blog! I’ve added you to my bloglines and I posted the meme today 🙂 Glad to meet you! Maybe someday we’ll meet IRL!

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