Rainbow Wonder

Woo Lookie, I made another Felted bag. This is only my second and I still have alot to learn. This one I used Knit rows instead of Garter stitch for the most part and I can now see how different that makes the felting look. I think I like garter better.

rainbowbagprefelt.jpgThis is the bag Pre-Felted. It is about 13.5 inches by 13.5 inches not counting the handle. The bottom and sides, including the handles are garter stitch. It was hard getting the sides to be equal and as I look at the finished object I can tell I didn’t quite get it equal enough. It’s a little quirky.

rainbowbagfelted.jpgHere it is Felted. It now measures about 11 by 7 inches. Not quite what I was looking for but I could always use it as a sideways book bag.


This is a close up of the pre-felted wool.

And here is the Post-felted stitch. Interesting color melding.



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  1. I like the colors, bring it on Thursday so I can see it :).

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