Look! I’m Obsolete. You can be too.

How funny these little blog quiz’s can be. It’s almost scary how close to life they are too hehe.

It 's comforting to say that 'practice makes perfect'....
You are ‘Gregg shorthand’. Originally designed to enable people to write faster, it is also very useful for writing things which one does not want other people to read, inasmuch as almost no one knows shorthand any more.

You know how important it is to do things efficiently and on time. You also value your privacy, and (unlike some people) you do not pretend to be friends with just everyone; that would be ridiculous. When you do make friends, you take them seriously, and faithfully keep what they confide in you to yourself. Unfortunately, the work which you do (which is very important, of course) sometimes keeps you away from social activities, and you are often lonely. Your problem is that Gregg shorthand has been obsolete for a long time. What obsolete skill are you? brought to you by Quizilla

Well it’s Wednesday and the first day of Awana’s this year. What’s Awana’s? I like to explain it as a cross between Sunday school and scouts. My kids leave the house for 2 hours, go to church, and have fun. They memorize verses and get patches like you would in scouts. And better yet, it means the kids are gone for 2 hours every Wednesday (how bad am I huh?)

But this is the first year my baby gets to go. I guess she’s not a baby anymore huh? Speaking of babies, I’ve about given up on this whole potty training idea. Maybe she’ll just wear diapers for ever and ever, especially if they have Cinderella (or her version of it — Misserella) on them. My last “fix” is to Netflix a Potty Movie up to the top of our Queue. Do you think my husband would notice if I bumped something like Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe for Potty Time? It’s just to hard, when I tell her she’s a big girl and she crawls up on my lap, sticks that thumb in her mouth and gives me “that” look. “Eyema notta biggurl Mahmee, Eyema yur babee” Awe, yes, yes she is!


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One response to “Look! I’m Obsolete. You can be too.

  1. I was “Latin” hahaha.

    I gave up on Potty Training too, I figure he will probably do it when they start making fun of him at school, in the meantime, I prefer to live in denial and be happy.

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