Weekend and Works in Progress

First, my heart goes out to the families of those college students who were in the accident this afternoon. I’m, (very selfishly) praying it is not anyone from church. We have such a large group of college kids that attend Maranatha (Focus students). This is horrible. My husband has driven those college vans before and it always scared me a bit when I heard he had too.

Quotes from my kids this weekend:
Mike, after asking what he thought of the movie he watched on Friday at Cell group (a small bible study held at each other houses) He mentioned that he thought, “The ladybug was especially cute” Just have to know my son to think that was funny.

My daughter, Deonna, after asking what was for dinner demanded that, “I don’t want asian, why are we eating asian again, why can’t we eat American.” I think my weird dinners are finally getting to her, maybe we should do a meal of hotdogs soon.

My youngest, Dani, came bawling and sobbing the most heart broken sob I’ve ever heard on Saturday night. She had been playing Hide and seek with her older siblings, but outlasted them. They grew tired quite quickly of the game and lack of places to hide in our small apartment. But not her. And she was heartbroken. Out she came from the back wailing, “Daddy, daddy, they won’t find me!” Isn’t that so like all of us. We all hope that in our lives, we will grow to know that there are people out there that love and care enough about us, to “find us” when we are hiding. I know I often hope, someone will come ‘find me’ when I’m in the midst of depressing times.

So Decided to take a picture of my many works in progress.

My Purple socks. This is my first sock and I’m suppose to Rib Knit 8 inches. It’s taking forever.

Here’s my Party Stripe Bag. I probably won’t have enough yarn to finish it, but trying hard not to rip it out. It shall be felted.


wippotatochip.jpgPotato Chip Scarf made with Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep.
Don’t like it. But think I’ll add some fun fur and see what happens


A 5 foot afghan made on a special loom made by Isela’s husband Sam. It will be Ewrapped and Purled.

wippinkngrayscarf.jpgPink and Gray scarf. This is the newest version of it. Basket Weave. I kinda like it.

My daughter wants me to make something with these, so I’ll throw them into the WIP. I’ve tried a few scarf patterns so far but didn’t like them

wipbluelinen.jpgI really like this scarf, it is so easy, and yet looks complicated. I hope to finish this soon.

And here are a few pictures of my Model, Dani, showing off my created items.




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One response to “Weekend and Works in Progress

  1. Wowzie, you have lots of things going right now.
    I like your scarf too :).

    She has lovely color hair.

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