Gee — I forgot to write

It’s been a while that I’ve written but it didn’t seem like that much time has gone by. Busy busy busy!
But with what. I look around and don’t see alot of finished projects or clean house or anything. Ah well. I probably spent it doing something important like playing Everquest and watching movies and eating to much popcorn.

I have found one of the most boring things to knit is this:

A Strap with a 7 stitch repeat in Garter stitch. 110 ridges….

But it’s used to finish off my Drink Totes

Here’s something that made me laugh. Having told my 3yearold to go get dressed for Cell group on Friday (a small bible study we have at someone elses house) she came back with this.

Notice the Hat: A fuzz ball of Loomed Funfur.

Next you might noticed a layered look, over Pink heart sweatpants. That’s a dress for the bottom layer and then a pink stripped shirt over it. Of course the shirt MUST be inside out. It’s how all the 3 year olds are wearing them these days. Shoes belong on the hands too, not the feet.

Now I was going to let her wear this to cell group, as I didn’t care, it was close to being time to go and heck, it looked kinda cute in a creative “i’m insane and my mom don’t dress me” sort of way, but the Hubby made her change. Probably for the best.

Speaking of the Hubby, here he is in one of his classic “I’m playing Everquest” poses. Notice he uses the rocking chair as his computer chair and that is sometimes why he’s sound asleep while playing. It’s really comfy!


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One response to “Gee — I forgot to write

  1. Oh dear.. I must remember to put on my son’s shirts inside out now!! If all the three year old’s are doing it!

    It;s funny all of the programmers at my husband’s work have recliner’s in their offices.
    That cartoon is funny.. I had actually thought I wonder if anyone knit insulation back in the days of cabins..hehhe

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