Buttons and Pixie Dust

Here’s my Blog Button. Fresh of the Press. I was going to modifiy my sidebars with it, join alot of knitting rings etc, today, but now I’m worn out from doing the button. I’ll save all that for tomorrow.


Tonight is the kids Teacher/Parent Lieing Contest. I mean Conference. I go in there, sit down, and nod alot with a smile pasted to my lips. “Your son is so wonderful, never misbehaves, is a natural leader” Why do teachers lie? I mean, how is it that my children can be so different at school than they are at home. I know full well that they are throwing fits, kicking desks, tossing books around and not using that “indoor voice

Or could it be, that just by crossing the threshold of my home turns them into demons. And there is somthing magical, perhaps pretty pixie dust, that they inhale on the bus drive to school that turns them into perfect, wonderful, calm angels. Do they sell this dust on ebay? Can it be bought by the public. I need 6 tons of it.



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