More WIP’s

I cried once in 5th grade when my teacher refused to let me be Recess Monitor. She said, “Tina, come on, you know like I do, when you start things, you don’t usually finish them” Well No, I didn’t know that. 5th grade seems kinda young to come face to face with such a life changing knowledge about one self. (I did go on to become an Awesome Recess Monitor, because little did she know, I’m more the type to prove someone wrong [in your face!] than I am the type not to finish something) But anyway, what does this have to do with knitting?

I’m a starter, and not a finisher. waaaaaaaaaah. But it does mean I have more pictures of my works in progress =) lol
basketweavesock.jpgHere are my latest socks. If you remember, I have made 1 other sock in my life (Not a pair of socks) This is going be my first real pair. I waited almost a full week with the yarn at my house before I couldn’t stand it anymore and casted on. I did a full repeat of the pattern and that was enough to hold me over until I “hopefully” get some of my other wip’s done.

fiestabag.jpgMy Fiesta bag (er sack? er massive mistake?) The bottom is so wacky and wonky that I’m trying hard to ignore it and hope that somehow the magic of felting will fix everything (Although, I know it won’t but I always set myself up for a hopeful outcome) I just want this project done done done and off the needles so I can start another project! (I only own one set of circle needles lol)

I know I have other wips but they were hiding and didn’t want their picture taken today….


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