What Tina Needs

I found this little meme at All Things Heather
It involves going to Google and searching your “Name” and the word “Needs” together.

Low and behold what Tina needs:

  • Sweet Tina needs a slower pace. (after the past few weeks I’ll drink to that!)
  • With a square body, Tina needs to narrow her shoulders and create a waist with
    fitted jackets and fishtail skirts. (square body? Bodies come in squares?)
  • Tina needs a loan. (20k would work!)
  • Tina needs to be kicked in the face multiple times”. (well that’s not nice)
  • Tina needs to get a laugh every 10 minutes or she gets nervous. (eep, could this be true?)
  • Tina needs a family that is able to provide consistent structure (heavens yes. My kids are driving me nuts)
  • Tina needs to brush up on her fairy tales. (What you mean Mary didn’t have a LIttle pig that blew down her house while trying to feed her dog from a cubbard where she found her glass slipper and then getting eaten by a troll that lived under a bridge in Never Never Land? I was sure it went that way)
  • Before she can fly her kite, Tina needs your help to build it. (I had a kite once. It flew away)
  • Tina needs to go away and get a life. (Fine!)
  • Tina needs to work. (Okay okay I get it, enough with the meme!)

That was fun — but what I really need is more yarn and more money lol


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