No Life = No Blog

Blogs are evil. I’ve come to realize I have no life. No life means nothing to talk about. Nothing to talk about makes a very boring blog. Blogs are evil, because they make me come face to face with my boring isolated hermit life. Sigh. And here you, who ever you are, are reading this blog. I should feel sorry for you, nay, pity you.

So what do you blog about when you have no life. Easy. You download the latest pictures on your camera and share with all the world.

Here’s what makes me, “Mom of 3” and why I may now be clinically insane. But I luv them =)



Dani — also known as Minime. When I look at her, I can see her doing
all the weird, strange, what the heck were you thinking things I did as a
kid. She even has the same sense of humor. It’s scary. Course I don’t
have the cute smile or cute red hair or cute flannel PJ’s.


Here’s my latest Finished Object. I made this Drink tote out of yarn titled “Painted Desert” for a friend at church. She watched my 3 all saturday while I went on a conference for our church. And she even said it wasn’t that bad…. I used a basketweave as the middle pattern this time. I still can’t believe that I can do the body of the bottle in about an hour, and it takes 3 hours to do the darn strap lol. Just not fair.

Since I’ve promsied myself that I have to finish projects I’m going back to my oldest FO. and it’s my Loomed Toddler Blanket using the Mock Crochet Stitch. When it’s done I’ll finish up a felted Loomed bag I have started. So it’s all looming all the time this week for me. I hope to finish soon though because my needles are calling me again!


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  1. me

    Hiya Sis you are just fine and we like you and reading your blog 🙂 Love your little water bottles too!

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