31 years and 2 days ago


31 years and 2 days ago this lovely lady Mary (yes she is why my kids have red hair), was giving birth to her 2nd born of 8, and 1st born son, Jonathan, now my wonderful, adorable, loveable husband. Happy Birthday Jon!

jonjon.jpgSo what did J do for his birthday? Well I convinced him that learning something new on your birthday is good luck and keeps you young. So I taught him to knit. (kinda) He did awesome! I showed him the english throw method (even though I’m not one) and he did a few rows before Dani terrorized him and messed it up.

Here’s the pic that proves it. jonknitting.jpg

My husband can knit! Aren’t you all just jealous. He said he could see how it could keep people focused and be a bit relaxing.
Wonder if he’ll ever try again.

I have 2 more finished objects. The Blue Linen Counterplane scarf (it’s great and only 3 known mistakes) and a Bag I made out of left over pink and black homespun for a Bible I sometimes carry to church. It has 4 translations (KJV, Amp, NIV, NASB) and is really big and heavy, but so useful for those classes that really dive into the word.


My brother in Law Rob will be home soon from Iraq. I can’t believe it’s been a year. His youngest is already 1 and he’s hardly ever seen her in person (2 times I think?) I can’t believe how strong and great my sister in law (J’s next youngest sister) has been. It will be great to have him home and get him readdicted to playing Everquest so we can talk to him daily. Speaking of Everquest, off to play more soon, before they nerf all the great things that came out with the last expansion (a good tactic of theirs, make the game ‘great’ and then a few weeks after everyone has spent their $30.00 to buy the expansion, nerf (ie change) the “great” stuff and make it “barely worthwhile”) Looking for my sanity!


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  1. Happy Birthday Jon :)…now, I now what to give you for your birthday–knitting needles and yarn!! Yep, but you have to keep D away from them, tee hee,hee.

    Awesome job in teaching him D :).

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