Friends New blog

Is it me or is typepad being super slow-mo today?

My friend Cathie created a new typepad Blog today. Visit her at Create-a-quilt
She Quilts, Crochets, Loom Knits, and is learning to Needle knit with some great Heart Dishclothes. She also plays Everquest with me!

I’m so happy she moved to typepad (even if typepad is being a bit witchy lately.. maybe it’s the Halloween Season) and I can add her to my bloglines!

My rant for the day. What’s with Misti Alpaca? I have sport weight yarn and thought to make a cute scarf with it, but it’s just not working out. The yarn doesn’t give me any idea on gauge so I’m not really sure what needle to use. After trying about 6 different patterns with this yarn (including size needles), I’m stuck now just doing a basic garter scarf. Though it will be pretty and soft I’m a bit disappointed. I had hoped I’d make a branching out with my green skein I also bought, but when I cast on 25 stitches my scarf is only going to be about 4 inches wide. That’s a little thin even for me. I guess I could just keep the skein to hug and squeeze since it’s so soft…. (sigh)


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