I got the Blaaaahhhs. Not sure why, how, when, where they came from, but they are here.

2 finished projects, a shawl and a pair of slippers. Do I have pictures of them? Heck no. I’m to blahish to drag my dinasaur of a digital camera out and lug it around to take pictures (I think I bought the heaviest version 7 years ago) But I did finish my cobweb shawl when I ran out of yarn (amazing how that makes you finish a project) It fits my daughter pretty good but I may wear it somehow/somewhere. I’ve actually turned it into a poncho since it was to small to be a shawl. (to fit extra large me anyway)

I’ve also had a breakthrough on my wonky and weird Party Fiesta bag. Since the bottom was bugging me so much and I just couldn’t couldn’t couldn’t frog the whole thing, I did the next best thing. Held my breath Picked up the 130 stitches along one of the bottom stripes and CUT off the bottom. Whoah was I scared. But it worked! Not a dropped stitch. I knitted a rectangle bottom and sewed it back on. Verdict? Still a bit wonky (but it’s a bag made by me so of course it has to be!) but much much much better. Still have to finish the top and felt it, but I’m a happier knitter.

Well back to being blah. Yes Isela I promise to post my Chocolate Cake recipe soon. Maybe I need some chocolate to get out of the blahs… lots of chocolate, heck with even cooking the cake, just give me a spoon…..



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2 responses to “BLaaahhh

  1. Yummm, waiting for the recipe…must go pick up some mayo.

  2. True North

    Yes, honey I do read your blogs. I am feeling a little blahh, too.

    Do we need a vacation??

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