Whoah Picture Overload

It’s “Clean the pictures off the camera” day! Aren’t you just lucky:

Here is my husband and my latest picture. This is really a picture of the real picture and so I needed to do some heavy editing with it. It reminds me of the pictures they put with death notices in the newspaper now. I hope that’s not an omen. But I guess if anything bad happens, our family will know what picture to use (great way to start a blog eh?)


Next, of course I can’t leave out the Kids:
Dani has an insane compulsion to put most everything she plays with into curling lines. Books, toys, cars, cans of food, clothes, everything.

Mike doing his Math Time tests.

Here’s Deonna practing her 4th grade recorder. When I was a child we did these in the 5th Grade. I loved it, but sadly I wasn’t able to do the final concert. It seemed when ever I got up to stand on the little bleachers and blew into the recorder for more than a song, I’d pass out. Not healthy when you are on the back of the bleacher and it’s a long way down. (this could have also been a reason my 5th grade teacher never thought I finished stuff as mentioned in this post)

Okay So what have I been Knitting?
I finished my Cobweb Shawl when I ran out of yarn (easy to finish things that way lol)
Since I’m a plus size gal, it didn’t really work as a shawl, so I made it into a poncho by lacing up the front. It’s not bad, but does fit the almost-10-in-a-few-days Gal better. It’s made with acrylic…. not because I like acrylic but I’ve only recently come to realize the evils of acrylic. I have a ton laying around though from my past buying sins so use it up to practice knitting pieces.
My favorite part of the shawl is the crochet edgeing I did though:

Here’s something I tried yesterday. I think it’s called a mess Enterlac? As you can see it didn’t work. Picking up stitches purl wise is something I haven’t figured out yet.

Now for my Party Fiesta Bag! Here’s its journey.
This is the bag that started out horrific, terribly, totatally really bad and I cut off the bottom and remade a new one. I am so glad I did! It made all the difference. I really like the bag now.

Here it is prefelted measuring 15×24 inches

Here the bag is having a Party in the Washingmachine. And a picture showing you why I love my washing machine. This bag felted in under 8 minutes. (I’m sure there are reasons to use the slow handwash cycles too, I just haven’t had a reason yet — maybe once I get going making all those 5000 pairs of socks I’ve been dreaming of!)


Here the bag is resting after it’s Party in the washingmachine. Blocking isn’t one of my skills I’m very good at. I realized to late I didn’t have any good boxes to shove down into it and what boxes I did have were diffferent sizes, but I made due.

And here it is finished. And yes! It’s big enough for my Infinity Knitting Loom! Woohoo. It measures about 11×17 now. I like it although I wish the blue fibers didn’t felt so much over some of the yellow. The yellow was alot brighter prefelting, but I like it! It’s a tad wonky, but I still like it. I want to make more.

Pattern specs? Hmm it ended up being 130 stitches on size 9 needles, using Brown Sheep ww wool. One strand. I know you are suppose to use bigger needles when felting but I used what I had and I really like the way it turned out. The bottom is knitted using 20 stitches and going for 15 inches (the side measurements of the bag) The top is done by casting off 15 stitches and recasting on the next row for the button holes. I used the Stripe Generator (see side bar) for random stripes.

/wave I’m off the either Nap or play more Everquest, or maybe clean up my yarn drawer. Never know



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2 responses to “Whoah Picture Overload

  1. I love all the pictures. I love blogs with pictures ;). The projects look great…the wonky bag is not wonky anymore, and the shawl makes a super nice cape.

    And what is this about trying enterlac without me…where did you pick up the instructions. I want to learn :(.

  2. Celissa

    I ran into someone @ Whole Foods in Santa Fe, NM and she had on a cute pair of patchwork pants..said someone made them for her..and the name was piecefulworld.com or piecefulplanet…but your web site is the only one I have found..can u please send me an email and let me if this is you..thanks, Celissa

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