Current WIP’s — And welcome home to one of my Heros

Thought I’d share a few more WIP’s. Not sure if all of these will have a Christmas destination, but know some might. I’m just afraid I’ll run out of time. I’ve already had to sack the ideas about making everyone a cute felted bag for Christmas…. if I don’t get busy I might just throw the skein of yarn at them and tell them to ‘pretend’ it’s something! For many of the people I have in mind to be receivers of the gifts, that is probably just as good as something hand made. I don’t think they understand the specialness of handmade items, but I’ll slave away anyway for them.


A cable scarf using Wool-Ease Worsted Weight. It’s a motified Irish Hiking scarf I asked Isela to help me with. So far I’m liking it even with the color changes in the yarn. This will be (if I keep up the pattern) for some Male in my life. As far as I know I have 5 males to deal with lol.


Misti Alpaca yarn that’s been giving me fits has been reborn into this Loops and Garter Scarf. It’s working quite well and I have a green of this same color that might be good for a special Lady in my life. I got to many Lady’s to plan christmas for though so I’m not real sure which.


2 of my socks on the needles waiting for Heel Flaps. The multi-colored one is a easy to follow Basket weave pattern (I’ll only be doing it for the leg) and is using Trekking sock yarn. The Blue colorway sock is using Caron Simple soft yarn on larger needles and will be a Sock Slipper like these:

They won’t wear well, but for the most part I’m using them to get good sock knitting habits down. May or may not gift the slipper socks to others.


Lastly, my super secret project, just a hint of it. I’m on row 90 out of 253 rows. It will be for a special Lady also.

That’s what I worked on today, and what will be on the Needles for the next week or so.

And for super great wonderful awesome news? My brother in law Rob is Home (or should be real soon, some time today) from Iraq! Not just for a visit either, but his tour is done. I am so happy and can’t wait to give him a big hug or, if nothing else, take his Everquest Rogue Bartolin on a Monster Mission (Griffons would be good) and show him some of the re-vamped Zones!
— Welcome Home Rob —
We are so proud of you!

(I’m also very proud of Susan for surviving something I don’t think I could)



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2 responses to “Current WIP’s — And welcome home to one of my Heros

  1. Woohoo!! Welcome home Rob :).

    I like the super secret shot :).

    Can I have the pattern for the shorty socks…pretty please.

    The Irish Scarf is looking great.

  2. I’m gonna throw in my 2 cents, even though you may not want it 😉

    But it’s never worth your time to handcraft things for people who don’t appreciate it. It will make you angry and bitter when they mistreat the items, or don’t seem to enjoy them as much as you thought they would. I learned this the hard way… which is why I’m not committing to knitting a sweater for my BIL who is kind of flaky. He really wants it, but I’m not sure he’ll take care of it.

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