The Challenge

About a week ago, I received my FREE YARN. The color is a interseting Rootbeer shade. It’s beyond ‘fun fur’. I would say it’s an extreme Eyelash. Almost like Christmas Garland.

I was thinking what the (beep) will I use this for and put it aside. Even me, with One Skein-itus knew that it was hardly enough yarn to do anything with.

But as I went through my stash I found the yarn I used to create my Tiger’s Eye hat when I first started looming.


Black yarn (Caron maybe) and the Tiger’s Eye colorway of Jewelbox collection (can’t remember the maker of this collection at the moment)

So it gave me some ideas. The colors are pretty close and I might have enough yarn of the Disco to make a top of the hat, and use the Tiger’s eye for the brim. Throw in the black yarn somewhere. Mix it all together and see what happens.


So there they are lining up for auditions and the loom the hat may be born on. Will let you know if I get a finished object =) (but who is going to want to wear it ??)


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