Challenge Complete

Here is the finished Challenge. There was alot more of the Eyelash yarn than I thought and I actually made the hat to long, so have to fold up the brim twice to wear it. My 10 year old girl, declared it to be cool, and wants it for herself. I think it’s should be a rule that only 6 to 12 year olds are allowed to wear “Fun Fur”


But I had left over Tiger Eye yarn so decided to make me something. Knitted up a rectangle, folded it in 3rds, wove a tie around it and now I have a credit card mini-wallet to throw into my knitting bag (I don’t carry a purse usually and the hubby is tired of fishing my credit cards and other important stuff out of the dryer because I forgot to empty my pants pocket…..)


I got my first ever Yarn surprise in the mail yesterday! My friend Cathie sent me Shimmer from Knit Picks. I have 2 hanks of Happy Dance. It’s very pretty. What would you do with it?



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2 responses to “Challenge Complete

  1. Now that is fun looking :).

  2. What color is it? I love it…I want the purple! I can see a lace scarf done with..

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