Holiday Decor/Hats Galore

Since my Blog looks very very very boring, thought I’d download my camera again.


Most years we don’t do the whole traditional Christmas decorations. I’ve never done Santa with my children, they have always known he is a make believe person, although based slightly on the real St. Nick of times past. But this year, my oldest D wanted a christmas tree. So we dug out the very old box of christmas decor and found this 2 foot tree inside, and lights, and a star from our first christmas as a couple. The nativity scene was a Christmas gift from Jon’s brother one year.


Aren’t these just so darn cute. We found them last year at a dollar store in Logan. I love them!

Here’s M with his candy house he made in his 2nd grade class this year. It’s a good thing I got pictures already, as they have eaten every little thing off of it, including Papa and Mama Bear.

I found my new addiction and cure for my one skein-itus. HATS HATS HATS! With Cables!




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  1. I was wondering how you do the dovestitch on the looms?
    You did have photos in the loom knitting section before that were close-ups but they are not there anymore. Please let me know how to do this stitch I would appreciate it. Thanks

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