Mystery Dishcloth KAL

Monthly Mystery Dish Cloth KAL

I decided to join the Monthly Mystery Dish Cloth Kal. It’s run through yahoo. There are 2 dishclothes a month, and about 6 to 8 lines of pattern per day. We are into day 4 of the first 2006 Dishcloth now. I am using my left over acrylic yarn from past projects. Realize they won’t make great dishclothes, but maybe if they mostly come out square I can sew something together for a neice next christmas. Or there are always Charity options. Come and Join!


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  1. Acrylic dishclothes, while they are awful for the intended use, make great small sized baby doll blankets. I know this because my two little girls always take them. Or Barbie blankets if they are a little bit of a larger size dish cloth. Or if it were folded in half to make the triangle shape, Barbie shawls. See, there’s plenty to be done with them there acrylic dishcloths πŸ™‚ However, I don’t know if you have any little girls running in your midst, so maybe that won’t help you much LOL. You could also find a place to donate them for someone to sew em up into a blanket for charity, or do one yourself πŸ™‚

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