Curly Q

I’m joining the Panta Along I didn’t know there was a Knit along til Isela told me last night at Knitter’s Night. I’m just a bit confused at the M1 in the pattern and how to go about it. But we will see if I figure it out.

Here is the great Curly Q that Isela created for us Loomers. She let me test knit it and I really liked the pattern. You can buy the pattern. And try it yourself!





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5 responses to “Curly Q

  1. Love your scarf! I can’t wait to try that pattern!

  2. I love the colors! Okay now, give. What is it????

  3. Cat

    Very cute indeed sis πŸ™‚ Though I dont wear scarves really lol

  4. The scarf is great!

    And I love the colors in your secret project! Are you using short rows to make it look that way?

  5. It looks great! I’m so glad you got the short rows working! And thanks for your sweet concern in my comments. The mornings have been tough, but it’s getting better.


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