We, aren’t winter people. We don’t like
snow. I know, living in a mountain valley in north Utah, this shouldn’t
be so. But it happens. Once in a while you’ll find more of our kind. Snow haters.
But then again, we don’t like summer either. In fact, what ever weather
is happening, I am probably grumpy and complaining about it. Just
happens to be who I am. And if you are my friend, you’ll get used to it. Or Else

So, since we dislike, hate, despise winter, we try and save up the “FUN” winter stuff the kids want to do for one day a year. Snow ball fights, snow eating, snow angels, snow men, etc.

So J, being the brave, caring, loving, highly resistant to frost
bite, guy he is, bundled the 2 older children up and took them outside,
to eat snow, have snowball fights, make snow angels and create. Snow

I give you: Snow BOB!




He’s Huge. He’s enormous. It took all the snow at the complex! He’s ready to take over the world. It’s the attack of Snow Bob. Run, Flee in terror.


Or… not.

Happy Snow to all of you.
come spring come.


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  1. hahaha, he is sooo tiny!

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