Ohhh Links

Water, Downstairs Apartment, broken things.Damaged Room. Bad mornings. Sleepy Tina. All Fixed. Making Bread. Lunch Time. That’s been my day.

Found some awesome links to the German Twisted Cast on (that’s my new best friend!)

And a way not to make little ears on my toes of my socks. Isela, you might like this one too!

My earlier experiment with 2 socks, 10 needles and 1 ball of yarn. Didn’t work. Not because the process wouldn’t work, but I was using size 3 needles and even that was to big for my gauge. I’m starting over, 2 socks, different yarn, 10 needles and different pattern. I’m going to try Mim’s Razor Shell socks this time.

Course that’s after I finish the 2 secret projects I’m working on, which I should be working on right now, instead of making bread, fixing broken things and napping…



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3 responses to “Ohhh Links

  1. I hope you like Razor Shell… I think you could do a size 2 needle depending on your yarn with the Razor shell and it would be ok. It’s a nice solid fabric and if you used a slightly larger needle it would just make it more stretchy, I think.

    Sorry to hear about broken things and water in a downstairs apartment… trust me, I know… the pipes in all our houses had a tendency to break or back up or nasty things when I was home alone as a minor. As a result I’m VERY suspicious of any pipes in winter.

  2. One secret thing finished 🙂

  3. MaryJeanne

    The best site I have seen for the german cast on is:
    http://knitting.about.com/library/bltgcaston.htm It makes such a nice bottom edge.

    It is the same pictures but all in a row so you don’t have to click through to see the process.

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