Keani Waves

When I finished knitting Sierra Flame, I started Keani Waves. I had to
take a break while I finished needle knitting a very special gift for a
super special friend and only recently was able to complete Keani
Waves. My pre-teen daughter Dea loves this scarf, and has declared it
to be “Cool Mom” I enjoy the scarf because it makes my curves look
even curvier in a good way.

It’s a fun knit, and done with short rows, so you don’t have to know
how to increase or decrease, just knit and purl. Promise! It’s not
hard. I made Keani on a small guage loom, but any loom with 16 pegs
will work with yarn adjustments. I used TLC colorway Island, and it was
a perfect choice. It just reminds me of a beach vacation and I can
almost smell the salt air! (well I wish I could in this dreary hazy winter

So welcome Keani to the family, your sister Sierra has been waiting for you!
(Pictures can be viewed larger by click on them!)

*EDIT: The sun came out and I was able to take one more picture of Keani that shows off her curves a bit better:





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5 responses to “Keani Waves

  1. That is a gorgeous,beautiful, gorgeous scarf!

  2. Pam Keville

    You have a very wonderful website. Very professional layout. Probably the best I have visited yet. Great job!

  3. Well you’ve done it again! I absolutely love it!!! Maybe I should just buy stock in you! 😉

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