Bernat Cotton Tots

About a month ago I wanted to make a special cloth for a friend who had just gone through breast cancer. I found the perfect pattern, a swan, and asked around for a good yarn that would make a nice and soft face cloth. I was told, that Bernat Cotton Tots would be my best choice and so, after finding a skein of soft purple at a local store I eagerly knitted the project.

After finishing the square, I set about washing it, to get it ready to wrap up and send to my friend. Before washing, I was very happy with the square. It was soft, and looked great. I was horrified and dismayed when I took the item out of the wash and after it was dried. It went from looking like a nice, new pretty face cloth to something that had been around for 5 years. It looked used, abused, and very sad. I couldn’t bring myself to wrap it up and give to her. I was afraid she would think I was giving her a second hand face cloth!

Below details some pictures I have taken. Each picture can be clicked on to make them larger.


Most people I have talked to have expressed that their items come out looking great after washing with no problem, but I have heard of at least 2 other people who have had similar disasters that I experienced. My opinion: Beware of this yarn. It seems a bit unstable to use. If you do use this yarn, swatch and wash first! Especially if you are planning on using it in a baby blanket, or something larger than a face cloth!

On other news, I finished a baby Bonnet for a Baby shower on Tuesday. It was my first baby bonnet I knitted and I have to say it’s very ingenious. It’s knitted flat, and you turn the top as you would a heel for a sock and pick up stitches like you would a gusset. I love it and I think I may try and make another one in plain knitting.


Also, I promised pictures of my Clapotis in progress. I’ve been using both stitch markers and purling the stitch to be dropped. I found myself trying to twist that stitch if I didn’t. The yarn, is TLC Essential in High Plains colorway. I’m almost done with the first section. I’ve already noticed some pooling, but I’ll try not to let it bother me.




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6 responses to “Bernat Cotton Tots

  1. Good to know about cotton tots. I’ve only ever used it for playing around for practice, or an occasional baby or preemie hat.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the colorway you are using on that clapotis. It makes me drool quite a bit! LOL! Maybe I’ll find some to make my own clapotis in that color…..

  2. Did you wash it with other things? Or used a harsh detergent? The heavy agitation rubbing against other heavy fabrics can cause that in any sort of fabric–hand knitted or otherwise. And some detergents tear apart the fibers in fabric as well….causing that fuzz. Maybe next time use a gentle liquid detergent on the gentle cycle on cold.

  3. Cat

    I love that baby hat it is soooo cute 🙂

  4. Angela C

    HI I would love to know where you found the pattern for the baby bonnet I think it is just the cutest.

  5. Janey

    I am with Angela in wanting to know where the baby bonnet pattern is hiding.

    Happy knitting,

  6. ladydove

    took me a while to find it because the link didn’t work


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