Queen of Hearts

My Friend Cathie received her Birthday Box today. Only 3 days late. Not to bad! In it I included the ‘super secret’ project that I’ve been knitting on since November (it was suppose to be a christmas present lol) But Now I can show pictures of it!

It’s the Queen of Hearts Pattern. I used 100% acrylic Lionbrand Pound of Love on size 9 needles.



I was in the newspaper. It was an article dealing with local spinners. I’m not a spinner. Not in any way! But I showed up to take a fast class and my picture ended up in the newspaper. My friend Isela, got a great picture of her taken also, with her beautiful spinning wheel. Here’s my picture, though it’s not easy to take a picture with a camera, of a picture in the newspaper and not have it look even dorkier than what you already look like! I was learning on an electric spinning wheel, in case it doesn’t look like something you are used to!



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2 responses to “Queen of Hearts

  1. It is sooo purtty. You did an awesome job on it.

  2. It’s beautiful!!!!

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