2 Socks, 10 Needles 2 Balls – Project 1

So, back to my project of knitting 2 socks at once, except this time I mixed it up abit.

I got my new favorite toy, a scale, so now I can measure and wind 2 equal amounts of yarns.

So instead of using 10 needles, 1 ball of yarn and 2 socks, it’s 2 balls of yarn 10 needles and 2 socks.
Not a huge difference I know, but it matters to me!

So back to Experiment 1
2 Socks, 10 needles, whoops 8 needles, pattern changed already, and 2 balls of yarn wound in such a way that the stripes will match (we hope)

Now, I’m starting my foot part of the sock and it strikes me that the Knitting Goddess, has taught me a great lesson on Gauge.

See, I’m thrown lip raspberries at the idea of gauge for so long I knew it would come around and nip me in my rather large gauge behind and it did.

Mim’s pattern: Razor Shells knitted on size 1.5 dpns at the ungodly gauge of 8.5 sts per inch (well maybe not ungodly but I can’t knit at that gauge because, quite frankly, I don’t have the needles!)

So, since I’m the one that never uses the right material or needle sizes or anything for projects I get out my trusted 10 8, size 2 needles and get started

It goes well, other than the forgetful yo and psso here and there and trying to knit in a room full of chatty church women. Mostly. Though that nagging voice starts. “You didn’t check gauge, you should of you know, I’m gonna teach you a lesson, you will learn!”

Soooo. Today I go to try on the socks, as a test run, being careful not to break a needle because I’ve heard all nasty stories of what Britney needles can do to your feet and hands if broken. I try them on and realize, either I drank one of Alice’s potions and shrank, or gauge really does matter. And well since I didn’t see no rabbit running down a rabbit hole, I’m gonna think it’s the latter.

My gauge, on size 2 dpns is roughly 6 sts per inch.
So if I do the math, originally her cuff would have been 8.47 inches wide and her foot would have been 7.529 inches wide…. My cuff is 12 inches wide and my foot will be 10.666 inches wide (mathwise anyway). Uhoh. I know I have large gauge feet and legs and ankles and toes but I think even 10 inches might be to wide for my foot, and no matter how many cupcakes I eat I’m quite sure 12 inches is a bit too big for my legs.

Ah well, I’ll keep knitting, because you know, it’s the process that counts….


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  1. *laugh* 6 spi!? *giggle* sorry… that’s mean… but seriously! 😀

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