What we have here is a failure to communicate…

I’m a failure. But I accept that. I acknowledge it. I know when to give in, give up, and restart.

It took my friend Cathie to hint that maybe, it would be okay, to start over. Maybe.
That I wouldn’t have to wear elephant socks, 8 sizes to big. That it’s not okay to wear socks 8 sizes to big. Even over 2 pairs of socks. Kinda defeats my purpose and all… Sure, I can see that.

I didn’t want to. But somewhere in between throwing the kids into bed, and making chicken nuggets for a late night snack, it happened. I surrendered. There was no way in “heck” that I was gonna ever wear these socks how they were. I loved the pattern. The pattern is great. The person who wrote the pattern is great, the knitter that knitted the pattern on size 2 needles, eh? not so great.

So, plan B (or is this plan C, D, E?) out the window, down the rabbit hole. Bring on the next!
2 Balls of yarn, 10 needles, 2 socks and Sock-u-lator.
If my math is correct (and I know, it probably isn’t, because, then my socks might work out and not be wonky, and I don’t know if I could live through that) I should cast on 56 stitches for my gauge
I said it. My gauge. After closer inspection and a recount at the judges stand it seems my gauge is closer to 6.5 sts per inch. Pair that with my other measurements and 56 stitches win. (which just happens to be about what I think I would have needed to make Mim’s pattern work for my gauge)
What also wins, is a non-pattern, patterned sock. I’ll let the yarn speak for itself and the process come to a fullness. So simpleness will do. Basic Rib for an inch and two and normal stockinette for the rest.

Then I’ll tackle things like Jaywalkers, since you know, I got this gauge stuff down! (really, honest, at least for tonight)


(note: My hubby asked me what I was doing when taking this pictures. I told him, “blogging” of course, and he gave me a funny look. He then shook his head and said, “yeah, that’s why I just sudoku instead” I could say he’s a bit coo-koo over sudoku, but I’m sure he could find some interesting things to rhyme with knit and blog)


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  1. LOL, oh John, Sam is the same way. Gotta luv them :). So gave up, I was thinking about your socks this afternoon…thinking about the gauge and stuff. When I first saw the first half of the first picture, I for sure thought you had stuck your needles on your hair for the picture taking 🙂

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