Sooo, Lace.

I think I may have jumped into something that is so far over my head, I don’t even think there is anywhere to come up for air. If you see bubbles and a gurgling sound, that’s me, drowning.

So, I want to knit lace, and figure I have a prime chance to knit something where every week I can get some feedback from the designer in person! (I’m such a lucky dovey) So, when Mim designed her new Mountain Peaks Shawl, it just screamed out ‘try me, NOW NOW NOW NOW’ So I bought yarn last night at my LYS, and during our knitters time there, casted on and did the 14 written rows and 8 rows of chart. (wow, I knitted from a chart, wonders never cease)

Continued knitting 10 more rows from a chart this morning

To me? Looks terrible, horrible (and I know of at least 1 row that’s wrong) The pattern is great and I’m sure if I had yarn I was used to on needles I was used to, it would look much better, but lace is new to me, and I had to choose Misti Alpaca to try it. My stitches are very uneven. I don’t see a pattern in it. I’m knitting more out of fear of making a mistake I can’t fix (yes I know about lifelines lol) than out of the joy of knitting it. BUT I’m doing it! wooohoo. It might not look anything like Mim’s masterpiece when I’m done, but it will be something (even if it is only a bunch of really skinny yarn looped toegther into a triangle shaped something)



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3 responses to “Sooo, Lace.

  1. Half the problem right now is that you’ve got it on a straight needle. that center stitch is the and the open work around it is the bottom of the V down the back. Trust me, it looks good! And lace ALWAYS looks like Boiled Ass (as Rabbitch says) until it’s blocked.

  2. True, I’ve knitted a neck down before (cobweb shawl) and was gonna move it back to my circs after lunch. I know that will help alot, since the picture, technically is upside. Thanks for the word of approval Mim =) I’m keeping at it! (now, I’ve never boiled a ‘donkey’ so who knows if what you say about how it looks until it’s blocked is true… I dont’ even have a pot big enough to boil a donkey. silly girl) – Tina

  3. Not having a lot of lace knitting experience (because I’m a huge weeinie) but having looked at lots of it, I think yours looks great! I love that color!

    And the socks look good too 🙂

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