Change of Heart

Not sure when it happened. It might have been last night, or early this morning, but I’ve had a change of heart.

I went from knitting in fear, to knitting in joy.

I am enjoying knitting the Mountain Peaks Shawl. I know I will make mistakes (already have here and there) but I try to fix them as best I can and move on. They seem a bit easier to fix, being able to see what I knitted the row before. I know of 2 spots though that the fix I did was mostly just catching a live stitch and hoping for the best. But that isn’t bothering me so much right now.

Where my change of heart comes from, is the fact that I’m knitting from the chart. I’m not converting the pattern to written words. The chart is on my lap and I’m glancing at it, and slowly have even been able to memorize some of the row repeats as I knit across.

Believe me, I’m surprised. I’m enjoying it. I can ‘see’ it. I’m amazed. Who would have thought, I might actually enjoy this.

Nay, I’m even on the verge of falling head over heals into pitter-patter heart love.

I have knitted so far:
14 rows of written words
8 rows of chart 1 and 24 rows of chart 2.
I have 48 more rows of chart 2, then I can move on to chart 3 and see what fun that will bring
Yep. Fun! I said it. And I believe it.



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4 responses to “Change of Heart

  1. What a magical mountain color! I love your description of your change of heart, and bet this will just fly from your fingers… then you will have to make the scarf too 🙂

  2. 2 of us go into the pot 🙂

  3. YAY! I knew I could eventually turn both you and Isela from die hard chart-phobic girls into chart lovers! AHAHAH! I WIN! 😀 Well, technically, we ALL win since charts are easier to haul around and a lot of cool patterns only come in charts.

  4. It was wonderful to meet you last night! Thanks for coming down to SLC.

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