All Wound Up…

Yesterday I had a great Girl’s day out in Salt Lake City. I’m sure I’ll blog more about that soon, but I wanted to show 2 great yarns I was able to snag while there.

One is a Merino Silk Lace weight yarn. Over 1500 yards! It’s so soft… I just want to sleep in it.
The other was Roses and Chocolate Sock yarn, handpainted by Sleeping Dragon yarns. 100% merino wool sock yarn. It’s yummy enough to eat.


My problem. They were both in hanks. I have no swift. But, I wanted to wind them. Now. Now. Now (why? who knows, I know I won’t use them for about 2 more months)

So, searching my memory I remembered someone* using their desk chair to make a swift. So I set about doing just that.

I used Pencils as my uprights.


I quickly learned that because it was lace weight I didn’t feel comfortable pulling on the yarn. No one was home with me to help me wind as I swirled the chairswift, (my 3 year old was in a blessed nap) so I had to pool the yarn before it went to the ball winder

Around and around it went.


There’s my happy 1500 yard ball of super soft and pretty lace weight yarn. The bit on top is the yarn I ‘lost’ in the final few spins of the swift.

* If you know of the webpage that has the orginal ‘chair swift’ please let me know.



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6 responses to “All Wound Up…

  1. It was at Denise’s,

    I love the sock yarn…I want some, o wait, I got some!! heheheh

  2. *lol* That’s so fabulous! haha!

  3. HAHAHHA!!! Oh dear!! Thanks for the laugh !! I was like hey!! That’s my swift!!!! hehe I actually pulled the wheels off my chair and used crayola markers which fit very well in the wheel holes!!
    Oh boy I needed a good laugh this morning!!
    Sounds like a great day!! I am looking forward to a day out in two weeks!! Yipeeee!

  4. Wow! I can’t believe I wasted all that cash on a swift myself! Anyway, it was faboo to meet you!

  5. That is a very inventive Swift!!!

  6. Geo

    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing this link on the Knitlist. I’ll be watching for a good office chair now second-hand.

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