Sock Party!

Basic Math

10 Dpns
+ 2 Balls of Yarn
+ 1 Basic Sock Pattern
= 2 Socks done at once!

Yippee! It worked!
Pattern: My own, simple and basic. Started with size 2 needles, with 56 stitches and a large gauge of 6.5 spi. Decreased the gusset down to 48 stitches and did the basic wedge toe. No surprises.

Yarn: Regia Tip Top

Content: 41% superwash wool, 34% cotton, 25% polyamide
(was a gift from a friend)

Except of course when I was finished and realized I had a lot of extra yarn left over (21 grams for each ball) and decided to try a second experiment. 10 Dpns, 2 much smaller balls of yarn, a tape measure, and my baby girls size 3 year old feet. Eureka! Another pair of socks born.





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5 responses to “Sock Party!

  1. Look, they are sooo cute the two pairs together. And the stripes match too! Luv them!!

  2. YAY! Socks! They look GREAT! šŸ™‚

  3. Kim

    Awww, that is just so cute! I need to make some sockies for Matthew one of these days. Poor kid doesn’t have a single pair…

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