This is Emma.


She is my real Dad Jeff’s Dog, though if you spoke to him, he would probably say Emma is my little Sis, and his little girl. They love her dearly, she’s the little girl of their hearts (my father and step-mother are raising 2 human sons) She’s been the princess of their life, and have really lifted their broken spirits. When we visit I can often see my real dad cradling her like you would a tiny baby. And she loves it! It’s sweet.

Last night I got a heartbreaking email from them titled: “Help heal our little girl”

We learned today that Emma is in the final stages
of kidney failure. We are heart broken. She is only 5 years
old. This was very sudden and the vet can’t tell us what may have caused
this. She has always been such a blessing. So:

We have decided to stand on the blood of Jesus and
ask God for a complete and miraculous healing of our little
girl. We are asking everyone that we know to start to pray for her
healing. I believe that God will answer our prayers.
I normally would say that I’m not to much of a dog person, but there is something about seeing my real dad (who has lived and gone through so much) showing such love for this little creature, that really makes my heart go out to him. So, if you care to, pray with us that Emma, their little blessing, won’t be called away.

Knitting content later in the week.



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6 responses to “Emma

  1. oh no, this is terrible. we’ll do as you request my dear. she is beautiful.

  2. I’m such a huge dog person, so I have absolutely no qualms with saying a prayer for Emma. I’ll keep your dad and step mom in my prayers too, I know if they are anything like my mom (which it sounds like because my mom calls her dogs my brother and sister) then it really is like their little girl, and they are going through a rough time. *hugs* going their way!

  3. Jeannine

    Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs.

  4. I’m so sorry to read about Emma’s condition. This is so sad. Our dogs are certainly part of our family. They are like our kids. I’ll definitely pray for Emma’s healing.

  5. Pam

    Heard about this a couple months ago. Don’t know if it has anything to do with Emma’s problem but check it out anyway. She may have been exposed to this food. I’ll keep her in my prayers!

  6. Oh, Emma is beautiful! I’m so sorry about her illness! I’ve prayed many prayers for my own dogs, and I’ve been blessed that God has answered, so yes, I will pray for Emma!

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