Need Fun Ideas

Hey all you Utah peeps. I need some ideas to take my children to in Ogden or Salt Lake city area, for next week’s spring break. We are going to already head to the Children’s museum, but would like some other fun places we can hang out (other than the zoo) My kids are 10, 8 and 3. Keep in mind, that the normal ‘mecca’ spots related to the LDS faith, won’t be a huge interest to us, but we are open to suggestions. Thanks!!

And where was that Noodles restaurant. I’ve told my hubby about it and he wants to try it out. And where are the yarn shops. (lol)



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5 responses to “Need Fun Ideas

  1. The dinosaur park in Ogden is really cool!

    That’s the best suggestion I’ve got.

  2. Hmmm, I think Noodles was on 700 but I am not sure. The one yarn shop is on the Avenues

  3. We love the Clark Planetarium ( and their Star Theatre and IMAX. Also, re your comment on my blog about cabling w/o a cable needle, a right cable is a cable with the stitches held to the back, and a left is with stitches held to the front. Hope that helps!

  4. My fave yarn shop is The Black Sheep Wool Co at 425 E. South Temple 🙂 I drool everytime I go there, and the people who work there? THE BEST! There’s a Noodles & Co on 2100 South and just above 1100 East in that little plaza area (there’s also a Barnes n Noble, Eyemasters, Old Navy for landmarks). That’s the one I like to go to best because it seems less….hoity toity LOL.

    As for the kids… hrm… I’ve never gone, but a lot of kiddos enjoy Thanksgiving Point, in Lehi. Just go a little more South on I-15, I think. Red Butte Gardens can be fun too sometimes! My nieces and nephews have really enjoyed it there.

    I hope you have fun, whatever you do!!!

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