DAY trip Planned

I want to thank everyone for their suggestions on what to do in SLC/Ogden tomorrow. After much planning and thought this is how should be how our day goes.

1: Drive down to the Children’s Museum in Salt Lake City.

2: For Lunch: Noodles in Layton (kids might not like this but we will)

3: Lifeway Christian Store in Ogden

4: Needlepoint Joint in Ogden

5: Dinosaur Park in Ogden

6: Home

You’d think, from all the planning and thought we’ve put in this day trip, we never go on vacations! And you would be correct. Just driving 20 miles is a big thing for us!

Weather looks to be good tomorrow. Wish us luck!

** EDIT: Does anyone Geocache and happen to know of any good Caches around these areas? Or perhaps the Waypoints of any of these areas?



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2 responses to “DAY trip Planned

  1. Cat

    sounds fun 🙂 have noodles for me too

    Cat (who is noodle deprived)

  2. I just read your comment at my blog and it CRACKED ME UP! I think it’s weird when I dream about people I’ve never met, but in my own dreams, I don’t realize I’ve never met them and it seems completely normal. I love that you shared it with me.

    In response to if I am a cont. knitter or a thrower, I’m a thrower. A friend tried to teach me to knit without throwing, but I just couldn’t get it down. Which way do you knit? Is one way faster?

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