Road Trip – Spring 2006

We are back, and survived our 1 day vacation. Barely. But it was fun. Really!

We started off leaving exactly on time. 9 am. To the number. Which never happens on any trip, because usually we have to stop by the bank and get money, and the store to get snacks, and so forth. But not this time. It was perfect.

Happy we are driving past Sardine Canyon, past B. City, past Willard Bay (look kids the Great Salt Lake) almost to Farr West, when suddenly we get the idea that we should look at the directions that I took 2.5 hours the day before to print. Boom. No directions in our Geocache binder. Scramble and look everywhere in the van and realize that they probably dropped out somewhere in our packing. One exit goes by, and then another, I’m in near tears trying to remember how to get to the places we want, and we decide (or at least the driver who is the Dear Husband) chooses to return to Logan to get them. So there went our perfect time table. 45 mins out, 45 mins back, 45 mins again, we were back to Farr West, and a change in plans.

Instead of going to the Children’s Museum first and then lunch we decided to stop in Layton and visit Noodles. The kids ordered Mac n Cheese and hubby and I got the Mediterranean grill, Salad/Steak/Chicken. Yummy. Here are the obligatory pictures!


We visited once again the Children’s Museum. Learned they are building a new one at the gateway due to open in the Fall. One that will knock yoursocks off, but still the kids liked this one.


(Deonna Building her Wonder House)


(Cute as a button Dani posing in front of her house)


(Mike ready to drive the Semi to grandma’s house)

After the Children’s Museum we took a bit of time to find a very close Geocache. I had no clue there were warm springs in that area but now I do! Found the cache and signed the Log. True North Family Strikes again!

After our visit at the Museum we decided to drive back to Ogden and visit 2 stores. We stopped at Lifeway Christian store where I got an awesome tee-shirt to wear on Easter, and Jon picked up the complete work of Matthew Henry. The kids got things too (mostly bracelets) Then we drove to Needlepoint Joint where after a long hard look at the yarn, and after about 15 minutes being informed I should be ‘looking in the drawers – duh” I picked out some pretty Kid Silk yarn with silver and sparkles. Maybe a future branching out scarf! We walked a very short distances to our next Geocache, by the Everwood building and Logged it. True North Family rules!

From there we took a vote and decided even though it was late and we were all worn out we’d still go to the Dinosaur Park. Bowling was a close second though, but Mike and I were outvoted. It was a fun place with alot of lifesize Dinos. Very cool. Here are some more pics to close up the trip.

(Dea next to her favorite Dino)


(Dani on top of the frog in the playground)


(Mike liked this Dino the best)


(picture says it all)

(J. took this picture. What a great photographer!)


(Another picture by J. Not sure who
Deonna is gonna punch…)

We left the Dino park, hot but happy we went.
But I got to say, there is nothing like coming down out of Sardine Canyon and catching a first glance at “Our Mountains” and knowing home is just a few miles away.

I have alot more pictures, so a Dino here and there may pop up when you least expect it!

Now Leave Comments or I’ll sick Buster on you



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9 responses to “Road Trip – Spring 2006

  1. J (True North)

    Yes, I do look at the blog.
    The trip was very fun.
    Tired me out.
    The first time I have fallen asleep in my rocking chair before 9:00 pm in a long while.
    It was a lot more walking than I thought.

  2. ok ok I’ll comment.. but man you are supposed to have like dark blond hair. in my mind anyway.heheh

  3. Susan


    Just wanted you to know I read this and loved the pics! Looks like you all have a blast.

  4. Kelly

    I really enjoyed the pictures. It sounds like you all had a great time. Next time you’ll have to take a week trip, and come see us. 🙂 Kelly

  5. Roaaarrrr!! Me loves the pictures…roaarrr, B says he wants to go there too. He says his friend Dani went and he didn’t, hahahah. Now I really wish I drove so we could take the kids while the hubbies are at work.

  6. Kim

    Sounds like you had a great trip! Makes me so nostalgic for Utah…

  7. Calilng all cars, calling all cars, we’re ready to make a deal.

  8. 229cHej Malene,Jeg tror ikke lidt mælk til kaffen har den helt store skadelige virkning. Til gengæld er det ikke så godt med yoghurten, hvis du vil følge kuren sådan helt strikst Hilsen Sanne

  9. Hi claire,Me and my partner Adrian are travelling to corsica in april to look at accomodation and wedding venues and would like to meet a wedding planner to help us plan our wedding in august 2014. Would u be able to assist us with this.Kind regardsMandy

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