Shine vs Cotton Tots

Shine Wins.
If you remember my last accident experiment with Bernat Cotton Tots, (here) you’ll remember I was deeply upset that my idea for knitted face cloths might not happen (was thinking easy and neat christmas or birthday presents with some nice liquid or bar soap)

Well, I heard on an email list that someone said Shine from Knitpicks could work well for washclothes. After reading up on what Pima Cotton and Modal was, I had to agree, it had a good chance. But would it pass the wash test? I knitted up my Leaf Edge sample last night and washed it, abused it, in the washing machine with a load of towels. I figured this would be the roughest wash it could get and tell me the best outcome. My Cotton Tots failed in far less abuse (was washed with some more delicate fabric on a lighter setting)

So into the wash it went, measuring, pre-wash 9.5 inches across. Out it came from a Cotton heat set dryer, measuring 9 inches. Not bad!

When I saw it out of the washing machine before it’s fluff in the dryer. I was dismayed. It looked horrible, like a beat up and dead wet dog. But if fluffed up nice and pretty.

pilling1.jpgNow, the bad news. I went to use it earlier today, and it went from a magically pretty looking face cloth back to a dead wet dog. With very loose stitches, especially those middle ones, caused by the short rows. No good to wash your face with open holes in a washcloth! So I see a few experiements might be needed. 1) Knit another one, round or square and machine wash it much more gentle. See what happens and 2) While the pattern doesn’t call for it, learn to Wrap and turn my short rows (I can do it on a loom, but needles, eh.. not yet) to close up those middle holes you get from short rowing.

So right now, I’m working on a square dishcloth, in a little motiff of a basket weave basket, handle and everything.

The extra good news, is on size 4 needles, I was able to get one whole round facecloth out of one ball of Shine worsted. With extra left over. I love this stuff. I just hope, I can make it useful as gift giving.



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3 responses to “Shine vs Cotton Tots

  1. So at least it sounds like the Shine is working out after a fluff up in the dryer, rather than looking like the limpy cotton tots that you experienced before. I’d love to help you figure out the wrap and such on the short rows, but I’m a big zip in that department. I struggle with short rows.

  2. Another way to avoid the little holes without having to wrap and turn is to slip the next to the last stitch before you turn, slip the last stitch, and knit (or purl) the two together. These two stitches are the ones that span the little gap from the previous turn on that side. Turn. Slip the first stitch and purl (or knit) back.

    On doing a short row heel, one can raise the purl bump on the last stitch & knit it with the next to the last stitch. Slip the “naked” stitch to the right needle, raise the next purl bump & knit those two together, etc until the heel stitches are consumed.

    I hope that makes sense!

  3. NOTE: I mentioned I used SHINE worsted at the end of my Post. It was actually SHINE SPORT!

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