Something I miss

I sometimes, even living in this amazing valley with the mountains towering in a very near distance, miss my crack in the ground. My canyon. My snake river. My waterfalls. I miss the beauty and the power behind them. Often, these past 20 years, there has been a great water shortage in Southern Idaho, so such wonderful things like Shoshone Falls has often been missed. A few years hardly any water went over. I know (though I can’t find the pictures) we took each of our children to the falls around spring run off when they were young.

I miss my waterfalls. I remember once when very young my own father taking me a monster of a water fall, and enjoying the spray and dangerous power of God’s creative hand.


Thanks to Jason (my bil) for taking this picture this spring.

Head up to Twin Falls Idaho to take a gander at this! But do it soon.


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  1. What a gorgeous picture! My husband took me to Niagra Falls (Canadian side) and it was breathtaking!

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