Pictures of Home

Yesterday I lamented more about missing my “crack in the ground”
Jason sent me more pictures last night of both my ‘crack in the ground’ and different perspectives of Shoshone Falls. Just had to share!


Perrine Bridge, spanning my Crack in the Ground. The picture doesn’t do it justice so here’s some info about it. The Bridge built in 1973, is 1500 feet long (you can walk across it on both sides) and towers 486 feet above the Snake River. That’s a long long way down! The fun part is you can also walk under the bridge and listen as the Semi’s and cars drive over you. My kids are some of the few who can say that a Semi drove over the top of them and they lived! This is near the spot where Evil Knevil failed at his canyon jump. It’s also one of the only bridges in the USA where you can B.A.S.E Jump. So you can drive by and see people jumping off the bridge at very weird and scary moments…

And some more pictures of Shoshone Falls:




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  1. Those are neat waterfalls!

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