Yes, I’ve been knitting! But first

Lookie, Tracey had her little Baby.
Way to Go mom!

I’ve been knitting. I finished a Basket Weave Dischloth. Testing out Shine some more. I love the yarn, when it’s dry and puffed up from the dryer, but I’m not sure about it as a wet product. If I’m going to give these as gifts for face clothes they need to look somewhat nice wet too, because, most people I suspect are like me and a bit turned off from washing their face with a wet dead mouse…..
But I love this latest pattern I did. The design really pops.

I washed this one on gentle cycle, and it looks about the same as the one I abused. It looked horrible when I was moving it from the washer to the dryer though (sorry no pictures) I’m gonna wait to test it under running water til after Knitters Night so I can show Isela how shine knits up.

I also finished my Clapotis Scarf. I used This pattern. Modified a bit. Use size 6 needles.
I liked it alot better than my monster Clapotis (pictures may or may not be coming)
It was done with double strands of Shimmer from Knitpicks. Happy Dance!
It’s nice, and blocked out very well. I suggest using something very blockable otherwise you will have a nice cute Tube for a scarf.



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One response to “Knitting!

  1. Hey, Tina, you were kind enough to comment on my brand new blog. I tried to email you back , but the thing wouldn’t let me, so I hope it’s OK if I reply here.

    I think we did sit together at the Salt Lake Stitch n Bitch. It was nice meeting you! I was the big girl on the couch. I think I was knitting a black hat for Margene’s project.

    I’m thinking I’ll dust off my weak kitchener skills and do a more standard toe on the mommy socks. The toe seems a long way off right now, though.

    Your clapotis rocks! Are you so in love you’re wearing it every day? If I ever make one again, I’m double stranding something like that.

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