Not So Much Knitting

I’ve been sick. Some kind of reverse cold.

It started with a Cough, and feeling like I was breathing through a tube t moved up to my thoat and I was sure I had strep
Lost my voice hen after a few days of being grateful it hadn’t found my sinus cavities, it did. but, oddly enough I could still breath through my nose. hen if found my right ear, and left it ringing, painful and with muffled echos.

Which also left me unable to sleep on the bed, so night times spent on the couch. Funny enough, something in the cough meds knocked down my normal stomach acid problems so I didn’t have to take any meds for that…..

Then the Migraine Hit.
So let’s see that 12 days of my life. Not much knitting done. Not even going out.
No church. No Wednesday date night. No Knitters Night dragging myself to Small group tonight (church thing) since well, we are Co-leaders and I’m probably not contagious since no one in my family has got it.

I’m down to sleeping back in bed (finally) and haven’t taken any meds today. My throat still hurts a bit, I have coughing fits off and on, and my ear, while not hurting still feels muffled and certain sounds really make it echo.

Maybe another 12 days I’ll feel better and will get to knit more Lace!

Bless Me


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