I’m surprised I haven’t got kicked out of this ALONG yet. I am doing a horrible job keeping up. It all started with the D’s. I was going to post a creative D post about my daughters, but never got around to it. And then I had to do E, and F, and somehow, I just fell way behind. So Here is my catch up list!

D: is for Daughters. I have 2. Both with D names. Deonna and Danielle. They are Darling Devils

E: is for Expressions. Ones I use most often “EEk” and “EEp” to Express my dismay or reluctant Excitment.

F: is for Fingers. I pray often that if God takes something from me, to leave my my sight, and my Fingers. For my crafts, my knitting, and my computer typing. That’s all I really need to be happy. My Fingers and my Eyes.

G: is for Geocaching. This is where you take GPS units and have numbers and follow the numbers to hidden boxes. Take stuff out, put stuff in. It’s treasure hunting for adults. Got to love it.

H: is for the Holy Spirit. Cuz’ I’m reminded quite often that the one who is in me is greater than the one who is in the world. Thankfully.

I: is for Idaho. Where I was born. Where I lived a great part of my life. Where my heart still yearns for once in a small while.

J: is for Jonathan’s. I have 2 in my life. My sweet Hubby and my son. Jonathan’s rule.

There. AM I caught up? Forgiven? please?


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  1. Hello from your Secret Pal! I’ve got my eye on you. 🙂

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