YOO HOO where are You

I am here! Really. I have been. Family illnesses, and spring blahs have really ruled my life this past month. I’ve knitted some, but not alot. I think it will pick up soon though.

For the most part, I haven’t needle knitted as much. I’ve been helping my friend Isela, prepare items for a Book on Loom knitting she is writing. Our (lol don’t you just love how I say ‘our’) first deadline is June 1st, so she’s had me knitting. I’ve made 2 things for her, with a 3rd starting today. I can’t show you pictures or tell you much about it, but here is a sneak peak of something I finished today:

As for needle knitting, I frogged 2 lace projects, but have kept Adamas going. I have about 50 rows left, and hope to get back to it soon. So far here is my ‘lump’ of lace that I know will someday be a beautiful shawl.

I love cables, and ever so often get that great call to knit them. I’ve found the best way to knit cables is in the round, so I do cabled hats when I get that feeling of cable knitting. They don’t take as long to do up. This time I added a new skill making bobbles and finished up a Harry Potter (how can it be! Me, knitting a Harry Potter hat?!) with Cables and Bobbles and a new cable I’ve never done, the Vine Cable.


When I read I like to mark my books. Probably that ol’ English Lit major in me. So I made a book strap last night with a little pocket for my marking tools.

Lastly, about a month ago I made this knitted bag to be felted. The one in the picture had a very cute angled flap. So I wanted to make one. I used the wrong needles and the wrong yarn, and thought, (as I always do) it would turn out Great!. Of course, it didn’t. It was much to wide and the flap shrunk quite a bit. So I tossed it in the closet. Well my youngest is turning 4 soon and that means no more nursery at the church. She gets to hang out with us for the music part and then go to children’s church. So I needed a ‘quiet’ bag for her to bring and her favorite activity lately is coloring. I cut off the wonky flap, cut it in half and hand appliqued it to the front. The bag is now useful. And she likes it!

There’s a bit of knitting in my life. Sorry to have been so quiet. Let’s hope that the spring blahs leave soon! I think the family sickies are heading out the door finally.



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2 responses to “YOO HOO where are You

  1. I like that bookmark with the pencil holder….I can see one felted, lol 🙂

  2. I’m curious to find out what the sparkly sneak peek item is… looks pretty! Your lace shawl will definitely be beautiful when it’s done because even the “lump” looks nice. The pink hat is cute – who is it for? The felted bag looks great too – can’t even tell that it didn’t always look this way.

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