June’s been Great (Lots of Pictures)

June is always a great month. My most favorite month. For a variety of reasons (grin)
This June has been good.

And the number one reason it’s great? I’m a real knitter!
yep. tis true!
At least that’s how I feel!

I finished ADAMAS SHAWL!!!
(designer and creator and handholder of chickenknitters everywhere — Our Miriam, purchased from knitpicks whose pictures of shawls are even more lousey than mine) I miss seeing your face already Mim!

Here she is. In her beauty
Specs: Size 5 Addi Turbos. Knit Pick Shadow in Grape Jelly 2 Skeins with plenty left over. Lots and lots of days knitting (with a 3 week break due to the yuckies that went around our house) My first Blocking with pins.

And I can’t say one nasty thing about it

Not one bad thing (and usually I do say something about my knitting in a generic ‘Tina sucks‘ sort of way — This has really inspired confidence and it’s mostly because of the well written pattern!)

I love it! The pattern. Easy (though, yes, I do admit, I did modify it a tiny bit, just moved the stitch markers a few rows over, that’s all, nothing big, really, I tried to be pure this time, to the pattern, really!)

(my only regret is the picture taker (me ahem) can’t take great pictures of it.




In other Knitting News
I didn’t quite understand that finishing a project could leave you so ‘high’ that you can’t help but cast onto another project or 2. But it did! So today I started some ankle socks roughly based on This pattern, and Icarus also designed by Miriam from IK Summer 2006. Both are using Knit Picks yarn, the latter shadow in Sunset.

I think Triangle Shawls are in my blood! I was donated some Homespun so decided how much 1 skein would make using the basic triangle shawl formula I’ve learned from Adamas (increase on the ends and 2 in the middle every other row)
I was surprised. It made a perfect shawl for my 10 year old. 2 skeins would be perfect for an adult. I used size… gee 11? needles.)

homespundea_1.jpgWhen not knitting and Playing Everquest (which sometimes happens at the same time, but don’t worry I haven’t killed a … whoops.. down went the tank and cleric…)
And my Final Toy:

How can it be that it’s smaller than my floppy disk (yes I still use floppies, in fact my digital camera uses floppies…. lots of floppies, since only 6 to 8 pictures fit on a disk. This picture was saved on a floppy…) but holds so much. I am convinced my Zen though is a MALE. It gets very grumpy and I’ve had to reformat it quite a bit. I use 3 programs with it (Napster, WMP and what it came with) I’m convinced they, the programs are females and want to cuddle with my Zen and don’t like sharing Mr. Zen with each other)

But I currently have about 250 songs on there, somehow about 180 of them are kid songs though… hmph. London bridge is falling down, while the ants go marching on, around the mountain, to see Mary who had a little lamb……….

Til Next Update



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8 responses to “June’s been Great (Lots of Pictures)

  1. Adamas is beautiful!!

  2. Tina,

    The shawl looks wonderful! And if you finally feel that you can call yourself a Knitter, all the better. Those books look familar. I think my husband has read them. As for me, I’m working though the Robert Jordan series.

  3. My first time here via Miriams site. Beautiful shawls, and you just think you can’t take pictures. They’re lovely.

  4. Your shawl is gorgeous! love it! I’m working on my first lacy pattern and everytime I see someone else complete a lace project it give me hope.

  5. Ooooh, it is gorgeous! I like the color 🙂

  6. I think the pics are great! Lovely work.

  7. The shawl is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

  8. It’s been a bloody long time since you posted! Are you glued to your computer?

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