TOEtally Great Sisters

8 woman, average age 40 years plus
Good Food
Busy Target
8 Shiny Toe Rings
1 Church Van
Giggle and wiggles and a birthday cake for 2.

Birth to Maranatha Baptist Churches newest Club
TOEtally Great Sisters (although honestly I think it should be called the Toetally Crazy sisters)

At 31 I was the baby of the group. Ana Mae our dear 80 year old was the oldest. The others were a mixture some 30’s, alot of 40’s, and probably a 50 here or there. The birthday cake was for Ana Mae and me. Yum.

I would describe the fun trip we took down to a Japanese resturant (the type that they cook at your table), a shopping trip to Target, the purchase of matching toe rings (the first for everyone) and an insane death trap of a church van, but of all the other people I’ve explained it to, have given me a funny look and said “Uh guess it was one of those ‘you had to be there’ things huh?”

But here are just a few pictures from it. (The gal in the shopping cart, Hates shopping and refused to go shopping to Target with us, unless she got a cart ride…. Don’t try that at home) And yes, all these people below are crazy Baptists in Utah. Run if you see us coming. You’ve been warned.


(that’s me in the green)

For those who have heard about the “Kitchen Sink”, a HUGE double banana split that you can get at a local resturant (Angies) here’s a picture of it. Yes, my husband, and my 3 kids and I have indeed finished a whole Kitchen sink and have the bumper sticker to prove it!

In Knitting news
Crap. Darn it. Shucks. Uhoh
I am almost 100% sure that I don’t have enough yarn for my Seraphim. I should. I bought enough, (if that hand label label wasn’t lieing…..) using the right needles. I must be knitting alot looser. I hope on thursday my LYS has more of the ‘dye your own’ sock yarn I’m using. If not. *#(&$#. And I don’t say *#(&$# very often….



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3 responses to “TOEtally Great Sisters

  1. I love Japanese Steak Houses! Always alot of fun and the food is always so good. Did you get the steak? Hope you get the yarn you need… if not, let me know and I can check if my store has some!

  2. Crazy women! hahahaha. It actually sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. Angie

    Hi Tina,

    Happy Birthday! I am in your sampler knit-a-long and wanted to thank you for your work on the chart.(Without it I couldn’t knit the M). I noticed on your blog that you are knitting the Icarus Shawl. I am thinking of starting this also. Is it a hard pattern? I am still very new at lace knitting. Thanks for all your help on the Knit-a-long.

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